Nap Turner


Nap ôDonÆt Forget the Bluesö Turner has been a mainstay of the Washington music scene for over 50 years. At age 14, he built himself a bass out of an old five gallon Pepsi syrup can and wood floor board and started playing the clubs along 7th and T Streets. He soon turned pro and was an integral part of WashingtonÆs thriving jazz community. Turner moved to the front of the bandstand as a vocalist in the 1960s. Turner recently released ôLive at City Blues,ö his first CD. The Washington Post wrote that on the album, Turner ôdelivers the blues with the emotions and feelings of one who has lived them.ö Backed by Rusty Bogart, Charlie Hubbell, Arthur Gerstein and Jeff Lodsun, ôLive at City Bluesö features Turner singing many songs that have long been staples of his long performances. Today, at age 69, Turner celebrates a lifetime of achievement in the arts, not only as a musician and vocalist, but also as an actor, lecturer, historian, songwriter and award-winning host of WPFWÆs ôThe Bama Hour.ö
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