The Kennedy Center

The Washington Korean Dance Company


The Washington Korean Dance Company (Youth), Eun Soo Kim, artistic director, was established in 1986 to preserve and promote traditional Korean dance in the United States.   Dance has been an integral part of Korean culture since ancient times, and the company seeks to pass on this heritage to future generations while educating them about the significance of this beautiful art form. The troupe regularly performs at various theaters in the Washington metropolitan area, such as the Kennedy Center and the Northern Virginia Community College.  Because of the talent of its members, the Washington Korean Dance Company is recognized as one of the leading Korean cultural organizations in the United States.

Big Bow (Sae Bae) ceremony members: Angela Baily, Don Baily, Mijin Baily, Ah-Young Kim, Catilyn Kim, Rachel Kim.

Drum Dance Members: Susie Ahn, Hang Hee choi, Jessican choi, Susie Choi, Brace Chung, Cathy Hahn, Katie Ki, Sarah Jinjoo Kim, Grace Lainez, Lydia Liang, Anne Park, Esther Park
The Washington Korean Dance Company