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Euro Zambrano


Euro Zambrano is a Venezuelan drummer and percussionist who has marked an important guideline in music, because with his virtuosity and simplicity, he has created a unique and original style.?He was born in the city of Maracay, where since his childhood, he began to show interest in music. At only six years old, he began learning the Afro-Caribbean percussion instruments. At eight years old he began his professional career with local groups in his hometown. At 18 years old he moved to the capital city where he began playing with many bands and national and international artists. He made at the School of Music "Ars Nova" studies of Bachelor in Composition in Caracas, Venezuela, with Professor Maria Eugenia Atilano, with subjects such as Modern and Traditional Harmony, Arrangements for Combos to Big Band, Composition, Counterpoint, Orchestration, Piano, Vocal Ensemble, among others. This preparation has allowed him to be a producer and arranger of several music projects. Thanks to the many musical references he has had during his artistic growth, Euro represents a unique and original sound from an authentic instrument called Batyconga. The Batyconga is a hybrid set that merged drums with various percussion instruments such as the Congas, Djembe, Cow Bell, Bongo, Cajon, among other accessories, that creates rhythms with innovative sound resulting in a wealth in rhythmic base as they could create several drummers playing simultaneously. Euro has been musical director, drummer and percussionist in both concerts and recordings of artists such as: Celia Cruz, Cheo Feliciano, José Luis Rodríguez (El Puma), Franco de Vita, Oscar de León, Ricardo Montaner, María Conchita Alonso, José Alberto (El Canario), Frank Quintero, Yordano, Karina, Ilan Chester, among many others. He has also had the opportunity of touring and performing with various artists in America and Europe and has recorded almost 100 discs throughout his career.?Euro has not only dedicated his career to interpreting, performing, producing, and making music, he has also focused an important part of his life (over 20 years) teaching and training other musicians in drums, percussion, harmony and music theory. In 2013 he moved to the city of Los Angeles, California, where he currently resides and continues developing his career. In 2013 won a complete scholarship to study a Master in Music Production in Shepherd University, Los Angeles, California. Nowadays he is drums professor in Cal State University LA.?In 2013 he received a Grammy Nomination for his participation as drummer and percussionist in Ricardo Montaner´s production “Viajero Frecuente”. Euro Zambrano is sponsored by the brands DW, Sabian, Regal Tip, Telefunken, Hishaker, Remo, Lan Music USA and Pina Musical.

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Video 8/8/2014: Cesar Orozco & Kamarata Jazz

The ensemble fuses jazz with music from members’ home countries of Cuba and Venezuela.

Euro Zambrano