Ten Part Invention


Drummer John Pochée wanted a band that had the rhythmic flexibility of a small group but could provide a wide range of colours through imaginative, innovative writing and improvising. A big small band, rather than a small big band approach. This desire was inspired by his love of the Thelonious Monk ten-piece recordings.

In 1986, the opportunity came about to put together this concept for performances at the Adelaide Festival of the Arts. He assembled this unique combination of creative musicians from four different generations with whom he’d gradually become associated over the years.

As Ten Part Invention, we made a highly successful debut at the Festival and then returned to Sydney where they performed to critical acclaim. Since then, although all members are either leaders or key personnel in other major groups, Ten Part Invention has stayed together, building up a large library of compositions by composers within the band, as well as original works by other Australians."

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Video 9/2/2004: Ten Part Invention

Ten Part Invention, acclaimed Sydney-based contemporary jazz ensemble, includes founder and drummer John Pochée, pianist Roger Frampton, bassist Steve Elphick, saxophonists Bernie McGann, Sandy Evans, Bob Bertles, and Ken James, trombonist James Greening, and trumpeters Warwick Alder and Miroslav Bukovsky.

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