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D.C. Legendary Musicians Band


The D.C. Legendary Musicians Band was organized to accompany the performers and vocalists in the DMV.  The members are all professional musicians who have played with such nationally known performers as Elvis Pressley, Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Chuck Brown and Al Green. While most of these musicians are native Washingtonians or lifelong residents of Washington, DC they have all performed nationally, others internationally.  The members of the band rotate and change as they perform with their own bands and other performers and represent over than fifty years in music.

George “Jackie” Lee, legendary lead guitarist who has played since the age of fourteen and led bands of his own. He has played with Jimi Smooth and Hit-Time, The Stridells and Orisis, he has also toured with Wilson Pickett and the Midnight Movers Band. Jackie’s former group was known as Jackie Lee and the Posse Band.  Jackie is also known for his success in playing with Sir Joe Quarterman and the Free Soul Band. Currently, he leads the DCLM band.

Donald Tillery is native Washingtonian and is a professional vocalist and trumpeter, he has played trumpet since the age of 12 and played briefly with one of D.C.’s early youth bands, The El Corols. Donald a seasoned Jazz, R&B, and GoGo musician (a sub-genre of funk which developed around D.C. in the 1970’s) and vocalist is one of the original Soul Searchers, the band that accompanied Chuck Brown. He is a talented unique trumpeter who can play 2 trumpets at one time.  Currently, he is trumpeter/director of Class Act.

Bruce Murray has played saxophone in a lot of bands. You'll see he is one heck of a musician.

Michael McFadden, keyboardist is a native Washingtonian and product of the D.C. Public Schools. He began playing piano at the age of 10 and studied music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.  Michael has served as choir director for God’s Presence and played Keyboard for the Keith Wesby Project. He also played keyboard with Blues Man, the late Bobby Parker. 

William “Spider” Henderson, bass guitar is a native Washingtonian and product of the D.C. Public Schools. He began playing bass in the early 1970’s and played through the 1980’s. Due to personal reasons William took a sabbatical from his music career, he resumed his musical career in 2002 when he began playing with the Velours, Family Jam Band, New Breed, and The Dynamic Superiors. Currently, William is bassist for Lea Morris.

James “Andy” Anderson, a native Washingtonian, began his musical journey in the early 70’s performing with iconic sax man, Chet “Poison” Ivy. He studied jazz percussion at the University of the District of Columbia and continued Jazz studies at Montgomery College.   James is best known for his syncopated funk, jazz style drumming.  He has performed with The Young Senators Reunion Band, Black Heat Reunion Band, The Anderson/Newton Project featuring Davey Yarborough and many others.  He is currently the drummer/ director for Class Act.

Lino Druit, a Washingtonian and product of the D.C. Public Schools became interested in basic beats on the Bongo Drums at a young age.  He was taught the basic beat of the Bongo by Linwood Blakey which helped him understand how to control a melodic percussion sound, Lino later added Congo drums.  He began his professional career in music with Dr. Bill Clark and the Moon Lighters, recorded with Skip Mahoney and the Casuals, and played with Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers Band. Currently, Lino plays with many bands as a freelance professional musician.

Howard Bernstein, is a native Washingtonian, playing congas/percussion as well as Blues Harmonica with local music groups for over 30 years. He is known for adding that extra “spice and soul” to local groups of many genres of music that includes soul, funk, jazz, rock, country, world, funky blues, R&B and any type of music with a percussive feel. His specialty is bringing the groove and giving you something to make you move your feet.

David Akers, a native Washingtonian and product pf the D.C. Public Schools is one of the founding members of the D.C. Legendary Musicians. He is known for being an exceptional entertainer both locally and internationally. He has performed worldwide for many years as both a trumpeter and a vocalist.  David has performed with "Little Royal and the Swingmasters", Sam Moore of " Sam and Dave" fame, "Rufus Thomas" , "Carla Thomas", "Wolfman Jack", the "Manhattans", " Millie Jackson",  the "Midnight Movers", the "Mustangs", "Skip Mahoney and the Casuals", "BB King" and 15 years with "Wilson Pickett".

David can presently be seen performing with his band "David Akers and the American Soul Shakers"

Ida Campbell, blues vocalist is a product of the D.C. Public Schools, has been singing throughout her adolescent years and adult life. She formed a high school all girls singing group, which performed in D.C. Public Schools Talent Shows and later formed the Blues Nation Band that played in DC’s Battle of the Bands. Her chosen vocal genre is the Blues. Ida brings a soul shaking presence and masters the kind of sound of the blues that will affect your very soul.  Blues Nation is comprised of professional musicians from the DMV that have played with Grammy nominated and international acts. She has performed with The James Brown Experience, Blues man Memphis Gold and many others. Currently she is a programmer for radio station WPFW (89.3) and hosts “Don’t Forget the Blues” each Friday at 12 pm.

Nexx Step was formed in 2005 by four gentlemen who all loved music, were great singers and were interested in a singing career.  While in a conversation about music they found that they all had grown up in the church with a musical background.  From that conversation came Nexx Step an R&B/ Jazz group.  They have performed with groups such as, The Whispers and Skip Mahoney and the Casuals.

Michael Hagler, the son of a preacher, has been singing since he was able to remember words and melodies. He sings falsetto, first and second tenor and baritone. He currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area and performs many genres in addition to R & B. Currently he is performing with Nexx Step and Shakey Ground.

Elton Pinkard, began singing at a young age. He is a first and second tenor, baritone and bass lead.  The son of a preacher, he was raised in the church singing gospel.  He has performed at the Black Family Reunion in Washington, D.C., the Kermet Productions Talent Showcases at Howard University, and Tri Base Entertainment as a solo artist.

Solomon “Buster” Cunningham, has more than 30 years of experience in music.  He is a baritone and lead vocalist. Currently, he lives in Washington, D.C. and performs in the Modern Jazz and R&B genres. Solomon has performed with the Moments and currently is performing with the R&B group, Nexx Step.

Lorin Brown, has more than 30 years’ experience in music is second tenor and Baritone Lead and Backup vocalist. He was raised in the church singing gospel with his sisters and a brother.

Rev. Dr. Sandra Butler-Truesdale, a native Washingtonian is a product of the D.C. Public Schools and an ordained minister. She is the is the lead minister of the Ministries, Inc., Founder and Chairperson of the D.C. Legendary Musicians, Inc. and a member of the Howard Theatre Board. She is a D.C. Historian and Rhythm & Blues Historian.  Dr. Butler-Truesdale has worked for several musicians, among them is the late Ray Charles and James Brown. She is the founder of the D.C. Legendary Musicians, Inc. 


Watch Past Performances

Video 12/29/2018: D.C. Legendary Musicians Band (DCLM)

The D.C. Legendary Musicians Band (DCLM) was organized to accompany the performers and vocalists in the D.C.-Maryland-Virginia area. Band members have performed with Elvis Presley, Wilson Pickett, James Brown, and many more.

Video 3/2/2016: Curtis Johnson & The Band Eternity

With popular Washington, D.C. area singer/songwriter Curtis Johnson at its head, Curtis Johnson & the Band Eternity comes to the Millennium Stage for an electrifying night of classic go-go music in addition to original compositions. Presented by the DC Legendary Musicians.

Video 8/25/2015: The D.C. Legendary Musicians Band

Plays R&B and jazz, and its members have performed with Elvis Presley, Dizzy Gillespie, Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Chuck Brown, and many others. The members of the band, who rotate and change as they perform with their own bands and other artists, represent more than 50 years in music.

Video 1/18/2015: D.C. Legendary Musicians Band

This group, which represents more than 50 years of music and was organized to accompany performers and vocalists in the DMV, features the talents of D.C. musicians who have performed with their own bands and such renowned performers as Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Al Green, and The Manhattans.

Video 9/21/2014: D.C. Legendary Musicians Band

Representing more than 50 years of music, this band features the talents of D.C. musicians who have performed nationally and internationally with their own bands and other renowned performers such as Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Al Green, The Manhattans, and others.

D.C. Legendary Musicians