Alan Shain


Although he has an honors degree in Sociology and Political Science and is working towards a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Alan Shain is profoundly committed to performing and is a favorite at conferences, schools and universities. He holds the honor of being the only Canadian Artist invited to the 2000 Paralympic Arts Festival in Sydney, Australia.  Shain uses humor to attack the idea that disabled people are passive and helpless, which is reflected in the name of his company, Smashing Stereotypes Productions.  After getting his start in comedy in 1989 at Yuk Yuk’s Komedy Kabaret, he has since toured his shows extensively across North America and Australia.  His comedy is a blend of honesty and truth and definitely has “attitude.”  He has published several articles in both Canada and the U.S., some of which have also appeared in journals in Australia.  His articles strive to bring a Disability Rights perspective to mainstream media – particularly within debates around euthanasia and the right to life.
Alan Shain performing on July 25, 2005 on the Millennium Stage