Foghorn Stringband


The sound of Portland, Oregon's Foghorn Stringband could have come barreling through the grille-cloth of those big console radios in the living rooms of the 1950's, when the traditional sounds of rural America were still on the minds of young musicians transferring the old-time music to a distinctively modern age. Their tight instrumental work and line-up - fiddle, banjo, mandolin, bass and guitar - is reminiscent of early bluegrass, but their powerful approach is whole-heartedly old-time, centered largely by the fiddle.   Foghorn Stringband plays old time string band music deeply rooted in the American folk tradition, but the Foghorns put their own stamp on it. Stephen "Sammy" Lind's fiddle and Caleb Klauder's mandolin play tight unison lead lines supported by the Rev. P.T. Grover, Jr.'s three-finger banjo picking and anchored by the bedrock rhythms of Kevin Sandri's rhythm guitar and the bass of Brian Bagdonas.  

The Foghorns came to Portland from all over the country and, while a few of them had traditional music in their background, most of them were rockers, attracted to old time music by its accessibility and communal spirit.  Foghorn Stringband came together naturally when they met at the National Fiddle Championships in Weiser, Idaho, which remains one of their favorite places to play. The band's sound evolved slowly, out of the determination to not have a sound. 
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