Glorystar Children’s Chorus


Glorystar Children’s Chorus, founded in 1996 in Potomac, Maryland, consists of 120 members divided into four choirs: Beginning, Training, Concert, and Chamber.

Distinguished for their virtuosity, versatility, discipline and teamwork, several Glorystar singers have been admitted to the local, regional and national honor choirs of the American Choral Directors Association. The numerous honors earned by Glorystar include the production of the PBS “How To Sing” program in 1996, invitations to sing at the White House in 1997 and 1998, first place at the Songs of Hope Choral Competition in 1998, selection for the 2001 Princeton Invitational Choir Festival in New Jersey, and performances at the 2003 and 2004 No Child Left Behind Summits held for hundreds of educators throughout the nation. In addition to giving two concerts every year and performing at community events, Glorystar has participated in the 2000 and 2005 Pacific International Children’s Choir Festivals in Oregon, the 2003 Tuscany International Children’s Chorus Festival in Italy, and the 2004 International Choral Festival in Vermont.

Concert Choir members: Alice Chang, Jessican Chang, Maria Chang, Sophia Chang, Elaine Chen, Joanna Chen, Stephen Chen, Iris A. Cheng, Cynthia Chiang, Jeffrey Chien, Andrea Dai, Esther Ho, Jason Hsiao, Nathan Hsieh, Jonathan Hsu, Andrew Huang, Clara Huang, Sally Huang, Alina Hwang, Leah Jacobs, Alice Jiang, Christopher Jou, Matthew Kannan, Roslyn Lee, Tiffany Lei, Charlene Lo, Tracy Lu, Beatrice Peng, Dennis Ting, Joshua Tseng, Ross Tsiomenko, Libby Wei, Helen Wu, Helena Wu, Holly Wu, Andrea Yang. Jeffrey Yang, Stephanie Yang, Joseph Yu, Olivia Zhang, Katie Zhou

Chamber Choir Members: Austin Chang, Elisa Chen, Kirsten Chen, Jeffrey Chu, Joanne Chu, Wendy Hou, Natalie Hsieh, Bryan Huang, Bryant Jen, Tiffany Jen, Annie Jeng, Michelle Jong, Kathy Ku, Charles Kuo, Sophia Lee, Chelsea Lo, Celine Soo Hoo, Charlene Tai, Elaine Tai, Mimi Yen.

Cherie Jeng, conductor, an acclaimed music educator and Glorystar founder, received her B.M. from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and attended Dr. Jerry Blackstone’s choral conducting seminar at the University of Michigan. While serving as an instructor and accompanist for the Taipei Rong-Shing Children’s Chorus, she became a protégée of Dr. Chwang-Shien Lu who was hailed as a “Pioneer of Children’s Chorus in Taiwan.” She has been a frequent guest conductor, most recently for the American Boychoir in New Jersey and the McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland.
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