The Washington Jin Ling Chinese Dancing Academy


The Washington Jin Ling Chinese Dancing Academy was established in 2002 for the promotion of Chinese Traditional Dancing Arts in the United States. Since its founding, performers of different ages (from kindergarten to teenagers, from college students to working mothers) have vividly described a variety of stories from China’s long history and multiple cultures through the beautiful art of dance and body movement.

Children Performing Members:  Lisa Deng, Biyi Hu, Christine Huang, Alison Li, Clara Li, Christine Li,  Simin Li, Crystal Liu, Kathleen Ruan,  Brittany Wang, Cynthia Wang, Maureen Wang, Cece Xiao, Christine Xin,  Christine Xu, Jingjing Xu, Jenny Yang, Amanda Yee, Katie Zeng, Pan Zhang

Performing Members:  Tianli Chen, Cong Guo, Alice He, William Hsu, Adele Huang, Sally Huang, David Lee, Binggie Li, Yiwei Li, Shuman Liu, Chang Lu, Jing Lu,  Xue Qin, Roland Quan, Jennifer Ren, Lucy Shaw, Yi An Sun, Chang Tang,  Daniel Tang, Pei Wang, Hevi Xu, Grace Zhang, Lana Nayen Zhang, Rachel Zhang, Xin Zhang

Ling Jin - Taught dance classes since 1998 in many overseas Chinese Schools and Washington Jin-Ling Dancing Academy (since 2002).  She graduated from Beijing Dancing Academy, specialized in teaching Chinese Folk Dances.  She is a member of Chinese Association of Dancers and Chinese Folk Dance Research Academy.  She was former Department Chair of Central Art and Culture Academy of China and honored dancing director of Beijing Dancing School for Adults and Children Art Group.  She participated in many large performances organized by CCTV, Division of Art, Youth and Oversea Services.
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