The Kennedy Center

Soichi Muraji


Soichi Muraji was born in 1982 and started to play the guitar at the age of three.  His teachers in Japan include Shinichi Fukuda and Daisuke Suzuki.  From early on, his talent has been recognized in the music industry and has won the following competitions since he was 11 years old.  
In 1999, he came to Boston and began studying the guitar with David Leisner and Eliot Fist at New England Conservatory.
During his high school years, he volunteered to play for nursing homes and played in New York for the firefighters and construction workers rescuing survivors at the World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks in 2001.  He currently studies with David Leisner at Manhattan School of Music in New York.
Frederic Hand, composer, said, “Soichi Muraji plays my music exquisitely, with all of the inflections and nuance that I could ever ask for.  He has captured the essence of these pieces so very beautifully and perfectly.  His interpretations touch me deeply.  I wish him the best of luck with his career.”
Soichi Muraji