The Great Northwest


Brian Coates - vocals, guitar

Randall Crush - guitar, vocals

Josh Kalberg - bass

The Reverend Dand Lee Strickland - guitar

Christopher Hulsey - keys

Andy Olmsted - drums

This evening marks the first Washington, DC appearance by The Great Northwest, the last of several select east coast tour dates this fall. Band members have worked with numerous influential indie rock bands such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, (DC's own) Dead Meadow, and The Dandy Warhols.

Various members of the band spent time last year in Fresno, California recording their full-length debut, and mixed it last month in Portland, Oregon. The band's sound merges avant pop along side hypnotically lush soundscapes. Brian Coates says of the recording, "there's guitar, there's bass, there's drums, there's trombone, there's Leslie speakers, practice amps, Jew's Harps, drum loops, tambourines, ebows, harmonicas, pie tins, there's thought, there's love." The full-length record is scheduled for national release on independent label, The Kora Records, in early 2007.
The Great Northwest