The Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps


Based in San Antonio, Texas, The Crossmen are the only Drum Corp International World Class Drum and Bugle corps within the Lone Star State. In the fall of 2006, the Crossmen moved operations to San Antonio from their former home in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and re-established themselves as an independent organization in the fall of 2007.

From their humble beginnings in West Chester, Pennsylvania, The Crossmen has served thousands of students throughout its 33 year history – providing not only music education, but also life-lessons for their alumni to carry with them as they leave the world of drum corps competition for a future in music performance, music education, and other career paths. The Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps is a program offering of Crossmen Productions, Inc., a non-profit musical youth organization assisting young people on the path to becoming wonderful human beings through their participation in the arts.

While it would appear that a drum and bugle corps (or "drum corps") might be easily defined, it is much more than drums and bugles. The modern drum corps is comprised of 150 performers from around the world with ages ranging from 14 – 22. The compliment of performers includes brass musicians, percussionists and "auxiliary" or color guard. Programs are extravaganzas of musical excellence, marching precision, color, drama, dance, humor, and emotion. All members of the corps (except the front percussion ensemble) are required to march in intricate patterns, formations, and transitions which are coordinated with a musical production.

The color guard, or auxiliary, adds color and movement through the coordinated use of flags, rifles, sabers and dance. The modern color guard is as much a dance ensemble and storyteller as it is a precision marching unit.

Drum corps is an activity which does more than provide a performance opportunity for students, or entertainment for an audience. Through the drum corps experience, students learn important life skills, among them leadership, goal setting, and conflict resolution.
The Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps