Hakim Traïdia


Hakim Traïdia (Besbes, 1956), better known as "Hakim," is a Dutch Theatre artist, who among the general public (especially children) is mainly known by his role in Sesamstraat (Sesame Street). 

Hakim was born in an Algerian village, Besbes. He underwent theatre and pantomime training in France and in Holland, where he has been living since 1979. Initially, he mainly showed his art on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. In the early eighties, he starred in Sesamstraat (Sesame Street) and emerged nationally.

His gift for telling stories was developed in his youth. He grew up in a world without television, in which the telling of stories played an important role. His father and most of all his uncle Achmed were great story tellers. To make sure that these stories wouldn't be forgotten, Hakim wrote them down and in 1996 they were published as a book called: "De zandkroon" ("The Sand Crown"). This book was awarded the "Vlag en Wimpel" of the Griffeljury in 1997.

In 2001 he published another book, "Sindbad de pizzabezorger." This book is based on his performance "Sindbad de zeevaarder".

In his one man show program, Hakim attracts attention because of his original and disarming look at our society. His first program was called" Mohamlet." From September till December 2006 he performed his show "Bubble Gum" in theatres.

During 2007, Hakim played in the musical "Ali Baba," which he wrote himself, and in 2008 he performed in the theatre with his program "Achmed van Oranje," in which he gives us an original view on the multicultural society.
Hakim Traïdia