The Fourth Stream


The Fourth Stream is a collective of musicians under the direction of drummer Sriram Gopal, with regular collaborators that often include keyboardist Geoff Rohrbach and guitarist Rob Coltun. The band often calls on friends to spice up their performances, and past guests have ranged from D.C.’s finest hip-hop artists and jazzers, to poets, to Indian classical musicians. The ensemble's goal is to play improvisational music that maintains a steady groove while offering an international flavor. Drawing from South Asian, Middle Eastern, and other global influences, in addition to contemporary jazz and rock sounds, The Fourth Stream offers an exciting evening of music to the uninitiated and aficionados alike.

Sriram Gopal: Drums
Geoff Rohrbach: Piano/Keyboards
Rob Coltun: Guitar
Kevin Pace: Bass
Bobby Muncy: Saxophones
Featured Guests: 
Nistha Raj: Violin
Sameer Kadri: Vocals
Abhik Saha: Vocals

Watch Past Performances

Video 8/29/2013: The Fourth Stream

Sriram Gopal and his group perform an evening of eclectic jazz music.

The Fourth Stream