The Lighthouse Trio


Tim Garland is widely known as one of the UKs most successful musical exports working in jazz and new music. Much of his output reflects interests beyond conventional jazz boundaries and he is increasingly acknowledged for large ensemble writing including many orchestral pieces. His CD Libra has had truly rave reviews and his Lighthouse Trio tours internationally this year.

He first made international waves playing saxophone, bass clarinet and flute with Chick Corea, and has orchestrated five of Chick's best loved pieces for “The New Crystal Silence”…( “magnificent and creative arrangements” Pat Metheny) which we are proud to say has just won the 2009 Grammy for best instrumental jazz CD.

He also was featured with Bill Brufords Earthworks for over four years and has an ongoing commitment with two award winning ensembles: The Lighthouse Project, and Acoustic Triangle. He is also active in the world of production music for film and TV.

Garland has written for the LSO, RPO, Sydney Symphony, Boston Pops, Lincoln’s Symphony Nebraska, the BBC Concert Orchestra, the Northern Sinfonia, Westminster Abbey Choir and many other ensembles that appreciate his eclectic vision.  Garland’s diverse output and skill as a collaborator with others has surprised and captivated listeners for many years now, as well as making him a character harder to define or pin down. His works for orchestra and various ensembles have challenged some jazz listeners used to hearing him tearing around at Ronnie Scott’s club with Chick Corea and others, but he remains committed to the notion that all his music is essentially the same language, calling it a “diverse unity” in which certain uses of harmony and rhythm are merely prioritized to suit the players and the piece.

Garland was the 2006 “Musician of the Year” in the UK’s parliamentary Jazz Society Vote. He also won a major BBC award for innovation for his Lighthouse project and the highly acclaimed CD If The Sea Replied.  

The core trio of Asaf Sirkis (playing a custom built percussion set of frame drums, bass Udu, Hang drum and more), Garland on saxophone and bass clarinet, and celebrated young pianist Gwilym Simcock, are an orchestra unto themselves.

Mixing a range of rhythms from the Middle East, Spain and South America with highly interactive and lyrical jazz, the trio have collaborated with a range of diverse artists from various cultural backgrounds with an openness toward jazz. Concerts have featured superb dancer Sheron Wray, known for her improvisational solo work and with Jazz Xchange and Carles Benenvent, bass player with Flamenco maestro Paco DeLucia and Chick Corea.

As Garland is known also for his work with orchestras, this trio is designed also for integration with orchestral forces, Asafs percussion being half the volume of a standard drum kit. The brand new CD Libra features the trio at their very best and also includes the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in a set of pieces called Frontier, recorded at the world’s most famous studio, Abbey Road Studio Two.
The Lighthouse Trio