Moch Pryderi


Based in Fredericksburg, VA, six-piece Celtic band Moch Pryderi (Welsh for “Pryderi’s Pigs”) is firmly rooted in the traditional Brythonic music of Wales and Brittany, interwoven with traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, and the American-Appalachians.  The band's instrumentation, Welsh triple harp, small and great pipes, Breton bombardes, Welsh pibgorns, Celtic bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, flutes, whistles, and percussion, as well as the band's vocal abilities, create a diversified pallet for Moch’s distinctive and haunting sound. The band has performed at most major festivals on the east coast, including The Celtic Classic, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the Washington Folk Festival, the Potomac Celtic Festival, the Fredericksburg Welsh Festival, the Philadelphia Welsh Festival, the Historic Rugby Festival of British & Appalachian Culture, and the Celtic Nations Heritage Festival in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The Band also appears as The Hardtack & Sowbelly String Band, playing the hits of the 1840's, 1850's, 1860's, and 1870's. Together since 1998, the band's three CDs, Dancing in the Pigsty, Belly Jerk, and Jig Moch contain a rich selection of Welsh, Breton, Irish, and Cornish materials as well as original works.

Though trained in classical harp, Mary Triola's first love has always been Celtic music. She is one of only a small handful of people who play the Welsh Triple harp. She also plays the smaller folk harp, sings and indulges in her peculiar passion for whistles, and wooden flutes. Triola is a harp teacher in Fredericksburg, Virginia and the author of three novels.

Bill Reese grew up in Baltimore during the folk music boom of the late 1950’s and early 1960's. He played with "The Colony Singers" under contract with ABC Paramount records. After a stint in the Peace Corps in Turkey and Iran, Reese played in Europe for 15 years with "The Free State String Band". But it was through the Welsh band "Ar Log" that he discovered the great Welsh folk song traditions and dance music. Spending twenty years in Europe peaked his interest in the music of Brittany which he visited on a regular basis.

Dave Rich had been an avid fan of folk music since the 1960's and it was a natural move for him to Celtic music. The mix of Celtic ballad and traditional music he feels is the most dynamic on the music scene today. He started playing guitar as a teenager, then stopped for about 10 years because of job and family. His favorite is pub music, songs about woman, whiskey, and war. In addition Rich also acts as the bands business manager.

Rik Rice was first exposed to Celtic music at the University of Delaware radio station where he was an announcer for four years. At about the same time he started working with a shirt vendor who would travel to most of the Highland Games in the eastern & central U.S., and thus became exposed to Celtic Culture and more Celtic music. Not having grown up with knowledge of his own Welsh heritage, he thought it was time to get involved and embrace his own heritage.  Becoming a member of Moch Pryderi was for Rice, a part of the natural progression of his involvement in all things Welsh. Rice is Vice-President of the Fredericksburg Welsh Society.

Bob Roser is President of the Fredericksburg Welsh Society. He is also a Civil War Historian and Welsh language teacher. Roser writes and speaks regularly on the Welsh in the American Civil War. He hails from Massapequa Park, New York where he began learning pipes. He was also piper for the Munich Germany Scottish Society and has played with the Washington Pipe Band and the Mary Washington Eagle Pipe Band. Roser is on the Board of Directors of the Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association, and is the recipient of the Heritage Medallion of the National Welsh American Foundation for 2007.

Deborah Wenrich is Moch Pryderi's newest member. She is a professional musician and hails from Bowling Green, Virginia.  Wenrich divides her time between composing music for various groups, choir directing, teaching, and writing plays. She is a member of Broadcast Music Incorporated. In addition to fiddle, she teaches piano, guitar, and music composition in Sparta, Virginia.
Moch Pryderi