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A native of Richmond, Virginia, Scott Clark long ago made his mark in the community as a tremendous drummer and composer. Now, with his 4tet, featuring fellow Richmonders Cameron Ralston, Bob Miller and Jason Scott, he has made a record that is overwhelmingly powerful, a record that needs to be heard far beyond Virginia. Scott is of Native American ancestry and has written a suite based on the history of Native Americans in The United States - a history that, for all of us here, is imperative to remember. It’s a history filled with trauma, but it continues to be about hope and resilience and the continuing example of a culture and tradition that continues to give so much, despite having faced the most extreme hardship. Scott’s work is powerful, it is educational, and it is musical. It is courageous, imaginative and sounds completely fresh and distinctly new. It is an exploration, through the eyes of an inimitable free thinker, of the rawest history through the rawest sounds. 

Watch Past Performances

Video 2/24/2016: ScottClark4tet

The ScottClark4tet performs its new suite, Bury My Heart, which is partially inspired by Dee Brown’s book Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, as well as Clark’s own research into his Native American ancestry. The group is originally from Richmond, Virginia and is led by drummer Scott Clark.