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The Gamer Symphony Orchestra at the University of Maryland is the first collegiate ensemble exclusively dedicated to performing orchestral arrangements of video game music. The full orchestra and chorus together includes over 130 members from all majors, backgrounds, and experiences. For over 12 years, our completely student-run GSO has been making video game music more accessible for gamers, musicians, and casual observers alike through free public performances and free online access to our recordings. Each semester we bring together over 1,000 people in Dekelboum Concert Hall, the University of Maryland’s largest, under the shared love of gaming music. Our mission is to bridge the worlds of video games and the performing arts and promote orchestral video game music as an art form.

For the GSO, video game music is a powerful tool to bring together otherwise different gamers, musicians, and curious individuals, and define a unique and evolving art by celebrating their similarities and collective strengths. Video games tell stories and give context to their music in a way accessible to individuals from all kinds of backgrounds. Through video game music, we strive to foster a community that celebrates this shared language as well as the passion and curiosity to learn and grow with the community. GSO's repertoire is drawn from a community of passionate individuals worldwide ranging from aspiring musicians within the orchestra to accomplished composers such as Grant Kirkhope. We further utilize video game music to enrich our community through our annual game-themed charity events for Children's National Hospital and through participating in educational initiatives such as the USA Science and Engineering Festival and performing for Smithsonian's Art of Video Games exhibitions. Through these pursuits we strive to inspire and enable the next generation of dreamers to pursue their own passions as we do.

Video games and music are each a masterful art in telling the stories of developers and composers. Through the intersection of video games and music, GSO family and friends, performers and audience alike, write our own stories. Together.

Watch Past Performances

Video 3/10/2018: DIRECT CURRENT: Gamer Symphony Orchestra at the University of Maryland

Join the University of Maryland’s Gamer Symphony Orchestra for a spectacular musical journey celebrating video game music as a means for gamers, musicians, and enthusiasts alike to share stories of passion, learning, and friendship. From Bits to Brass: A Symphonic Adventure Through Video Game Music features popular pieces from all across the video game music landscape. This showcase of musical masterpieces will help you discover the magic where games and music meet.

Presented as part of the Kennedy Center's DIRECT CURRENT inaugural season. For more information on the season, please click HERE.

The Gamer Symphony Orchestra