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Asya Zlatina


Asya was born in Moscow, Russia and immigrated with her family in 1992. She trained throughout the DC/Baltimore area, beginning at the Kirov Academy, Dance Explosion and the Washington Ballet School. She graduated Goucher College and joined the Koresh Dance Company in 2008. She has since toured extensively with performances, master classes, and outreach, and serves as the adjunct of dance at Stockton University. She obtained her MS from Drexel University in 2013, and is very active in the dance community through various venues outside of concert theater shows. She began producing her own work in 2016 and BARRY: Mamaloshen in Dance! premiered at the Fringe Festival that same year. She works with artists and photographers in her rehearsal process. Her upcoming show, STORM, will premier as part of the 2017 Fringe Festival on September 14 and 17 at the Performance Garage. Tickets are available at

Barry was created with input from the dancers.
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Watch Past Performances

Video 4/5/2018: BARRY: Mamaloshen in Dance!

BARRY: Mamaloshen in Dance!, a contemporary dance performance choreographed by Asya Zlatina, celebrates life and the Yiddish culture through dance to the ionic soundtrack of the Barry Sisters. It premiered at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in 2016.

Asya Zlatina