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TRYS KETURIOSE may well be Lithuania's most renowned performers of 'sutartines', ancient lithuanian polyphonic songs which date back to pagan times. The group continues to develop its own sound, and aims to give a contemporary meaning to old songs, collaborating with composers, electronic musicians and video artists, and presents interdisciplinary art projects. The ensemble have performed all over the world, most notably at the Barbican Centre in London, World Expo in Milan, Szezcin Philharmonic Hall in Poland, Tokyo Japan, among others.

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Video 4/17/2018: From The Rich Dark Earth

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Abraham Brody brings Lithuanian traditions into the contemporary music and collaborations he creates. Collaborating with Lithuanian vocal TRYS KETURIOSE (singing ancient ritual sutartines), Brody illuminates through a contemporary lense the strong connection to the ancient traditions that these cultures offer.