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Grayson Masefield


Grayson Masefield is a New Zealand born accordionist and is the first person to win World Championships in Classical, Virtuoso and Digital accordion categories. Born in Auckland, New Zealand, he has spent the past decade studying in France with Frederic Deschamps and completed his Masters degree in Lausanne, Switzerland with Stephane Chapuis. Over the years, Grayson has performed in France, Spain, Germany, UK, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy, USA, Canada, Russia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Portugal, China, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Finland.

He is regularly invited to adjudicate and/or appear as Guest Artist at international competitions he has previously won, Coupe Mondiale in Italy, China & Russia, Trophee Mondiale in USA & Portugal, Primus Ikaalinen in Finland and Roland International in Rome. At the 2010 Coupe Mondiale, Varaždin, Croatia, Grayson was elected to the prestigious Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) - Member of the International Music Council (IMC-UNESCO) Music Committee and remains a member of the CIA Music Committee.

Grayson has a varied program of serious concert works as well as entertainment music. His extensive repertoire can be heard on his two albums as well as many live performances on youtube. He has worked with several of the world's leading accordion composers such as Frank Angelis (France), Gorka Hermosa (Spain), Petri Makkonen (Finland) and Gary Daverne (New Zealand) to perform and record new original works for the accordion.

Watch Past Performances

Video 7/9/2018: Grayson Masefield

The American Accordionists’ Association conference brings Grayson Masefield for a concert that demonstrates the capabilities of the accordion, with selections of songs from the Baroque period to modern compositions. The performance will include transcriptions and original works for accordion, including songs by Bach, Scarlatti, Mozart, Chopin, Angelis, Hermosa, and Nuevo Tango.

Grayson Masefield