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Soundscape Yoga


This event is a Yoga Class set to a beautiful soundscape, which is being taught by two Yoga District teachers, Toni and Erin. It is in conjunction with the non-profit Yoga Activist, and will be benefiting the Puerto Rican non-profit, We Are Stronger Than, an organization that is working to overcome the damage cause by Hurricane Maria.

We Are Stronger Than is a registered tax-exempt 501(c)(3) that is coordinating distribution and reconstruction efforts with over 40 faith based organizations and NGOs including the RedC ross, PR Strong, the PureWater Puerto Rico Foundation, the JJ Barrea Foundation, and FEMA.

Yoga Activist is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that offers by-donation trainings on trauma-sensitive and inclusive yoga and provides free guides on best practices in yoga outreach. This organization works to build connections between qualified yoga instructors, yoga studios, social service providers, government agencies and communities that have limited or no access to the science of yoga and its use as a self-empowerment tool. Yoga Activist also donates mats to yoga outreach programs in need, such as We Are Stronger Than.

Toni received her 200 Hr. teacher training from Yoga District. Originally from Bulgaria, she has lived in the DC area for the last 27 years, so she's a rare local. Her boundless love for all things musical informs her classes--think drum ad bass and hip hop to black and doom metal (she is the creative force behind DOOMASANA).

Erin's first yoga experience was with her mom taking on a mother/daughter retreat in the beautiful Colorado mountains. She was fifteen and did not have any confidence in herself or her yogic abilities. She has learned a lot in the past 15 years since that experience, namely that yoga is the practice of treating oneself to unadulterated time. It is a rare gift in today’s often hectic society; a gift that is given by making the decision to show up on the mat. She has learned that it does not matter if you are doing a “perfect" and complicated asana or spending your time on the mat breathing in devotional pose, if you are practicing mindfulness, listening to your body rather than your ego, and breathing than you are embodying yoga.

This is the gift that she hopes to bring form to for all students. She loves selecting an eclectic array of music for classes and often incorporates music from her travels into her teaching. Erin is a member of the yoga collective, transpose, and works with the meditation of sound (nada yoga) to bring about awareness. Erin is RYT 200 certified with advanced training in Iyengar and Ayurvedic traditions in yoga and over 150 teaching hours.

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Video 8/13/2018: Soundscape Yoga

Sasha Lord presents Soundscape Yoga, a class in conjunction with Yoga Activist, set to synthesizers and melodic-based sounds. 

 Soundscape Yoga