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Aisha Badru


New York singer-songwriter Aisha Badru uses airy vocals and vivid lyrics to draw listeners into her soulfully emotive world. Until somewhat recently, Aisha preferred the confines of her own bedroom for writing and recording music, but her deep desire to connect with people through her music eventually pushed her to share songs online. A few fans turned into a few thousand fans and blogs started to take notice. She self-released her debut EP Vacancy in 2015, and soon caught attention of the ad world when her beautifully moving song “Waiting Around” was selected for a Volkswagen viral campaign. Aisha just completed her full-length debut album, released April 27th on her new label home, Nettwerk Records.

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Video 8/17/2018: Aisha Badru

Aisha Badru has been featured on NPR and in the show The Originals. Her music blends influences of folk, pop, and alternative music to craft a distinct sound. With hushed vocals and an emotive undertone, her storytelling explores how what once haunted her now empowers her.

Aisha Badru