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"WHO IS REX? rex is like that cousin you have who's a few years older than you, is always the DJ at the family reunion, and has a band that you wouldn't expect him to, but makes sense when you see him performing. At the intersection of rock and roll innovation and African-American history, you'll find him mixing eclectic sounds into rough but pop friendly melodies. If you listen close enough, you might hear the story of a black kid who grew up in "murder capital" DC just before gentrification, moved to the deep south for college, traded beats and bars for distorted guitars, and returned to find the crucible of HarDCore and Go-go paved over with condos.

A member of the local music scene, rex has performed all over the city, including at the new National Museum of African-American History and Culture, Capitol Fringe, the Capitol Building, the Lincoln Theater, and the White House. His influences are all the black rock bands known and unknown, the other local bands in the DMV, and his accompanying musicians tonight- Niaya Little and Jamie "Sugi" Sugiyama.

The message is simple: be the love of God to others, try to improve every day, cut loose once in awhile, and support "indieground" artists in your and other neighborhoods. You can find rex busking on the streets of the National Mall, and online @joyofrex."

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Video 8/28/2018: Rex

Rex’s local punk and soul comes to the Kennedy Center. He explores the intersection of Rock ‘n’ Roll innovation and African American history by mixing eclectic sounds into rough, but pop friendly melodies. It might get loud!