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Heart to Heart Orchestra


Initially founded to provide music education opportunities to young people with developmental disabilities and to increase access to music, the Heart to Heart orchestra has been successfully performing for the ten years to improve social understanding for people with disabilities.

The members of the orchestra want to want to experience the excitement of classic music and make community of friends. The orchestra works with world-class artists and guest faculty and is provided with performing opportunities in professional concert halls.

Seeking excellence in music, the orchestra has performed on the prestigious and meaningful stages including the Seoul Arts Center and took international concert tours to the United States and Canada. With inspiring performance that is beyond individual challenge and commitment to enhance social inclusion of the people with disabilities, the orchestra has been communicating and connecting with audiences from all walks of life.

The orchestra took concert tours in Los Angeles and Chicago, the U.S. in 2008 and in Vancouver, Canada in 2017. It also has had many opportunities to collaborate with art groups in and out of Korea.

Watch Past Performances

Video 9/25/2018: Heart to Heart Orchestra

Heart to Heart Orchestra was founded in 2006 and is composed of youth with developmental disabilities. The orchestra is a role model of cultural welfare in Korea and shares positive awareness of the disabled through their hundreds of performances worldwide.

Tonight’s performance on Millennium Stage is generously supported by the Karel Komárek Family Foundation.