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Inner Mongolia Performing Arts Troupe


Performing Art Troupe of Inner Mongolia is a selected touring ensemble of top performers—singers, dancers and instrumental musicians—from China’s Inner Mongolia Bureau of National Art Troupes. One of their major missions is the production, performance and popularization of characteristic works of Mongolian grassland culture. Today’s performers are the beneficiaries of a long history and a profound cultural heritage. The singers, dancers and instrumental musicians coming to North America in 2018 have been selected to represent the richness and beauty of the artistic traditions of the grasslands. The performances include amazing vocal presentations of Mongolian long-tone and of khoomei (Mongolian throat singing), instrumental performances on traditional horse-head fiddles, and colorful and athletic dances—all in costumes representing their homeland.

Watch Past Performances

Video 9/12/2018: Inner Mongolia Performing Arts Troupe

The isolated, grassland home of ethnic Mongolians has shaped unique forms of performing arts. The Inner Mongolia Performing Arts Troupe will share the rich sound of horse-head fiddles, the unique vocal styles of throat singing and long-tone singing, and the energetic traditional dance forms.

 Inner Mongolia Performing Arts Troupe