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La Patronal


La Patronal is a unique brass band from Lima, Peru. Rooted in the tradition of ‘fiestas populares’ or town fairs common in rural villages across Latin America, La Patronal honours these gatherings, which celebrate tradition through fireworks, dancing, and religious images.

La Patronal members are direct descendants of rural musicians from Peru, and use this knowledge of folk culture in combination with their formal music studies to preserve their heritage while also bringing it to the present. Their lively performances encourage audience participation and dancing with contagious percussion and vibrant brass and winds.

La Patronal brings their performances to life through the incorporation of visual aspects of ‘fiestas populares’, including masks and traditional dance. Their music is perfect for festivals or other highly interactive events.

Watch Past Performances

Video 9/11/2018: La Patronal

La Patronal is a unique brass band from Lima rooted in the tradition of fiestas populares. They bring traditional Peruvian music, culture, and heritage to life on the modern staqe. Be ready to dance!

 La Patronal