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Drew Kid


Now: Okayplayer calls Drew Kid’s debut full-length LP “For You, For Me Too” a ‘headphone masterpiece...The deeply personal fourteen track project boasts features from Deborah Bond, Grap Luva, yU, Kev Brown, and Big Rube.’ (credit: Karas Lamb) Originally a small collection of love songs, the album grew into an exploration of self. Drew steps out from behind the piano and lends his voice to composition for the very first time.

Then: The son of Filipino immigrants, Drew Kid began studying piano at six years old. Due to his own curiosity and his mother’s affinity for timeless music, the songs of Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and The Temptations steered him away from practicing the assignments from those early lessons. Throughout high school and college, Drew discovered the vast realm of jazz music and learned about composition. It was also during this time that he began venturing out to hip-hop shows in DC. The post-college years included immersing himself into the jazz community on U Street and working on his own albums. Since then Drew Kid has worked extensively with numerous artists in the DC area, leading to contributions for a wide range of albums including: DTMD's "Makin' Dollas" & "3 & Out"; "The Earn" by yU (of Diamond District); The 1978ers' "People of Today"; Soulful!’s “Mumbo Sauce & Drumbreaks”; Drew Dave's "SynthBASED"; Dunc's "Cycles" & “A Way Home”; Low Budget Crew’s “A Low Budget Christmas ‘11”; “To Stutter, To Yell” by Anthony Alvarado; Cecily’s “Songs of Love and Freedom”; ACME's "Synths, Beats, & Psychedelia"; Aaron Abernathy's "Monologue" & “Epilogue”; "And Lucy" by Carusoe; Steve Washington & the Thad Wilson Jazz Orchestra's "Right to Love "; and more.

Upcoming Performances

Video 1/22/2019: Drew Kid

The music performed here will detail the peaks and valleys of surviving, navigating the intense highs and lowest lows, and the peace we all seek and deserve. These themes are represented in the order of new compositions of mine (and other surprises by special guests), entitled "Intrusive Thoughts", "Thoughtful Decisions", "The Madness", and my 2018 Strathmore-commissioned song "Where Will You Be When The Popeyes Crumbs Are Gone?".

 Drew Kid