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Jonathan Acosta


The Venezuelan singer and songwriter JONATHAN ACOSTA performs and compose recognized songs. He also play the Venezuelan Cuatro and the Violin; during 1989 until 2001 he received musical training at the Conservatory of Music "Vicente Emilio Sojo" in Venezuela and participated for twelve years in the National System of Symphonic Orchestras of Venezuela as a violinist (1990 - 2002).

Since September, 2018 he started his new musical tour ¡Vamos Paisano !! in the United States of America, after the resounding success of his motivational project #ANIMOVENEZUELA with which he was able to perform in different scenarios nationally and internationally sowing optimism and inspiring the Venezuelan community in the midst of adversity. The # ÁnimoVenezuela is among the highest ranking positions in social networks attributed to the work carried out by Acosta; as a musical theme it stands out in the main radio stations in Venezuela.

Vamos Paisano! Is his new slogan and his new musical theme, aimed at exalting the best of the good Venezuelan and integrate the well-nourished diaspora of his fellows around the world. Jonathan is transmitting an optimistic message with the intention of sowing values ??in the future of nations through of his art and music. His music is genuine, versatile, rich in rhythms and melody; his compositions have a high motivational content which has made him worthy of recognized international awards. He has recorded two (2) record productions, one of them with the Musical Bahareque group entitled "Si así llueve que no escampe", positioning within the ten (10) main radio stations in Venezuela. The second production is “Pido Permiso" which he interpreted and composed and it was previously nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards 2017. This one is currently available on all digital marketing platforms.
On July 29, he became the first singer-songwriter to perform a Symphonic Concert sung in Venezuela in homage to the singer-songwriter Simón Díaz. This interpretation was made with unpublished arrangements and it was performed along with the Lara’s Concert Band "Maestro Antonio Carrillo”.
Throughout his career he has participated in innumerable Symphonic and Popular concerts as a performer and entertainer. He’s been receiving invitations to participate in musical events internationaly like the la Jornada Músical Colores de Venezuela held in Italy at the Filodrammatici Treviglio Theater, Spain, Colombia and Panama. He emphasizes his remarkable work for making music with social, cultural and motivational contribution.


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Video 1/26/2019: Jonathan Acosta

Venezuelan singer and composer Jonathan Acosta offers a variety of Venezuelan and Hispanic musical themes in acoustic form, featuring his own compositions and work by other universally recognized composers.