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Iranian Female Composers Association


The Iranian Female Composers Association (IFCA) was established in 2017 by three female identifying Iranian composers: Anahita Abbasi, Niloufar Nourbakhsh, and Aida Shirazi. When Niloufar Nourbakhsh (founding member) decided to fully dedicate herself to a lifetime of composition, there were few mentors that she could look up to in Iran. In recent years the the circumstances have improved significantly, but it is still a challenging pathway, especially for female musicians. Niloufar eventually met Anahita Abbasi, and Aida Shirazi through social media. The three composers began to converse and collaborate, and ultimately decided to form IFCA, a platform to support, promote, and celebrate Iranian women in music through concerts, public performances, installations, interdisciplinary collaborations, and workshops. IFCA is designed to enrich our community and create a welcoming space for Iranian female composers around the globe and present a cultural dialogue that is necessary more than ever.

Upcoming Performances

Video 3/30/2019: Hypercube Ensemble

The Iranian Female Composers Association (IFCA) and Hypercube join forces to present the music of Iranian female composers. The program includes three commissions for Hypercube along with works by IFCA founding members.

 Iranian Female Composers Association