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Opera connects performers and audiences in a shared emotional experience; both are equally important. The Peabody Opera Theatre Program brings singers together into a community of artists, where the ability to communicate with an audience is a simple extension of the act of sharing with one another. The program offers many performances throughout the year, ranging from standard works in a large hall to performances in more intimate settings such as art galleries, cabarets, and schools. We aim to extend the range of opera to include earlier music, musical theater, and new works being presented for the first time. We also aim to cultivate new audiences and extend the range of interest of our established ones. Above all, we ask audiences and performers alike to expect nothing less than a medium which communicates directly with its listeners, in ways that engage the mind and move the heart.

The Peabody Opera Theatre Program serves the educational needs of students in the conservatory, while offering a variety of operatic performances to audiences in the Baltimore region. Whether onstage or in the studio, we believe our work reflects what we consider our most valuable quality: that sense of community which creates a close collaboration between students and teachers in the classroom, and brings a tight-knit spirit of ensemble to the stage.

Upcoming Performances

Video 4/1/2019: As One

Laura Kaminsky’s As One is a chamber opera in which two voices—Hannah after and Hannah before—share the part of a sole transgender protagonist in a poignant coming-of-age story with universal themes of identity, authenticity, and compassion.

 Peabody Opera