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Dior Ashley Brown Emcee, is a “Hip-Hop Polymath,” as quoted by the Washington Post. A proud Washington, DC Native and Army Brat, Dior’s multi talents also include actor, poet, host, songwriter, playwright, activist, creative community curator, and Founder of the DC Music Summit. A Graduate of both Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts and University of Maryland, College Park, Theatre Arts Programs. She combines her theatre study, life experiences within her Hip Hop performance, creating a new inspiring and soulful style of hip hop music, that makes for penetrable organic storytelling that inspires the listener to a call to action.

She has often been compared to greats such as Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill, and James Brown and was early on inspired by the immense talent and courage of her family members combined of Poets, Vocalists,  Musicians, Entrepreneurs, United States Army Veterans, US Olympians, Pioneers, Inventors, and Spiritual Leaders. She has been consistent with maintaining hip-hop, soul, poetry, and theatre conjoined in her live performances since she was a young child. She continues to produce dynamic works that reflect her ever-changing community and challenged surroundings. Her necessity to free and empower young and old women and men of color and beyond with confidence, strength, and awareness self and value continue inspire her passionate language.

dAb who is inspired to “Maintain the Soul of Music” she quotes, is deeply influenced by the 80s and 90s Hip Hop & R&B. But, she is wholly influenced by an array of music genres and eras from Jazz to Rock and Roll and the 20s to 2000s, and so encompassing a universality, that connects with people of many backgrounds. Available now, is her recently released debut hit single,“Vernacular ( RED/ BLUE),” which can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, iHeart radio, and more.

A driven humanitarian, Dior  continues to contribute greatly to the DMV Music and Arts Communities, creating and curating a multitude of events and programming within the DC metropolitan area, gaining her an ever expansive network.  She is the Founder of The DC Music Summit. A special 1-day event featuring industry professionals, artists, and community leaders in discussion about ways to support DC's growing music industry, which in the past presented by Accelerate with Google, the DC Office of Cable, Television,Film, Music, and Entertainment in partnership with her LLC, Unique Extremes, creative consulting, “Go to Extremes.”

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Video 4/3/2019: Dior Ashley Brown EMCEE

D.C native Dior Ashley Brown is a Hip Hop polymath; an emcee, actor, poet, host, activist, creative community curator, and founder of the D.C. Music Summit. Inspired to maintain the soul of music, she is deeply influenced by 80s and 90s Hip Hop and R&B, and recently released her debut single,“Vernacular ( RED/ BLUE),” available on Tidal, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and iHeart Radio.

 Dior Ashley Brown Emcee