Papago Warrior


In October of 2005-BRIAN, RUDY and LAWRENCE, former members of the band WARRIOR along with JOE and PAT, former members of the band GROUP PAPAGO came together to form PAPAGO WARRIOR. What started out as a five member group in 2005, quickly became eight in 2006, as TONY a former member of GROUP PAPAGO along with TREVINO and CURTIS, family members of the WARRIOR band, completed what is now PAPAGO WARRIOR. "P-DUB" as some would say or yell!!...We are all proud members of the Tohono O'odham Nation..Trying our own style in jammin waila music (not chicken scratch).... Thanks for the support!!!

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Video 9/24/2010: Papago Warrior

Papago Warrior (aka P-Dub) plays their brand of waila music—the traditional social dance music of the Tohono O'dham Native Americans of southern Arizona that is a hybrid of popular European polka and waltzes with a variety of Mexican influences. Part of Celebrate Mexico 2010.

Papago Warrior