Desislava Mincheva


Chick with a Trick is a performance with puppets for kids and family audiences. It tells a story about a Hen who plays a bonbon instead of an egg. Fallen in deep panic, the Hen goes to look for advice and support to her friend the Duck, to the Doctor and to the King, but obsessed by their own troubles, they do not pay attention to her ‘problem’. At the end, inspired by the beautiful sunny day and by the kids, the Hen convinces herself that there is nothing wrong if one does something unusual and different, especially if brings joy to somebody, for instance to the kids, and also maybe to their parents.

Watch Past Performances

Video 10/17/2010: Chick with a Trick

Bulgaria presents the puppet theater performance starring Desislava Mincheva and written and directed by Petar Todorov about a hen who lays a bonbon instead of an egg. Part of Kids Euro Festival 2010.

Desislava Mincheva