U. Shrinivas


U. Shrinivas is a renowned mandolin player and one of the foremost figures in Carnatic music today. Though he initially faced opposition to his choice of instrument, Shrinivas did not get discouraged and is credited with reviving the mandolin, helping it gain a respectable place in Indian classical music. He made his debut performance at the age of nine at a prominent Carnatic music festival in India and soon after, in 1983, he performed to great acclaim at the JazzFest in Berlin in the company of musicians such as Miles Davis. Shrinivas has performed with a number of Indian and international artists, including Hariprasad Chaurasia, Zakir Hussain, John McLaughlin, Michael Brook, Nigel Kennedy, and Michael Nyman, currently often playing on an electric mandolin.

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Video 3/1/2011: U. Shrinivas

A renowned mandolin player, U. Shrinivas is one of the foremost figures in Carnatic music today. Part of maximum INDIA.

U. Shrinivas