Alma Tropicália


Alma Tropicália is the only band this side of Rio re-imagining the psych-samba sounds of 60’s tropicália music from Brazil, a mind-bending mix of tropical rhythms, soulful funk grooves, and day-glo psychedelia that has quickly earned the young group ecstatic reviews and packed performances across the region. The band's daring lineup combines a masterful Brazilian jazz vocalist with the unhinged energy of a punk-bred backing band, playing a mix of originals and classic Brazilian psychedelic covers.

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Video 9/13/2013: Alma Tropicália

The D.C. group reimagines the psych-samba sounds of ’60s tropicália music from Brazil, with a mix of originals and Brazilian classics that feature mind-bending tropical rhythms and soulful funk grooves.

Video 8/22/2011: Alma Tropicália

The group combines traditional Brazilian rhythms with the outrageous sounds of psychedelic pop—equal parts samba, bossa nova, forró, and rock 'n' roll. Part of the Millennium Stage Happy Hour Series. With drink specials from 5:30 to 8 p.m., patrons can purchase a cold libation from the bar while mingling, dancing, and enjoying a wide range of music.

Alma Tropicalia