Wrhatnala USA


From the legacy of I Gusti Agung Ngurah Supartha SST, the internationally regarded Balinese dancer, composer and choreographer who founded Sanggar Wrhatnala in Bali, comes Wrhatnala USA, the American Balinese dance counterpart.Since his passing in 2007, the two sons of I Gusti Agung Ngurah Supartha SST, have carried the tradition of Indonesian music and dance in tribute to their father. I Gusti Agung Jenggala Supartha, the elder son is director of Sanggar Wrhatnala, the company his father formed. Meanwhile, I Gusti Agung Pratimawan Supartha, his younger son, brings his tribute across land and sea as the director of Gamelan Wrhatnala Blue Ridge and Wrhatnala USA.

Wrhatnala USA is composed of elegant and exquisitely costumed dancers, and musicians playing the metallophones, drums, gongs, flutes, and cymbals of the gamelan. Based in Germantown, Maryland, Wrhatnala USA features performers from throughout the extended metro DC area and has presented numerous performances and educational programs across the United States.

Watch Past Performances

Video 8/14/2011: Wrhatnala USA

In celebration of Indonesian Independence Day, the ensemble gives a performance featuring exquisitely costumed dancers, puppets, and musicians playing traditional instruments.

Wrhatnala USA