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Tangshan Shadow Puppet Theatre


Since its founding in 1943, the Tangshan Shadow Puppet Theatre has brought imagination to the traditional art of shadow puppetry, entertaining the likes of high profile attendees from Chinese leaders to envoys from foreign countries. Tangshan Shadow Puppet Theatre possesses a unique expression and unrivaled technique. In their 68th year, they are still considered one of the premier shadow puppet acts in the world. 

The Tangshan Shadow Puppet Theatre has performed in nearly 20 countries and regions across Europe, Asia, and the United States. In September 1987, the theater took part in the First China National Art Festival. That same month, they achieved first in the Invitational Competition of Shadow Plays sponsored by the cities and providences around Tangshan. In 1992, the theater was invited to take part in the Art Festival coinciding with the 11th Asian Games in Beijing. In 1982 The French International Puppet Institute invited Mr. Qui Yongheng, Tangshan Shadow Play Master, to lecture eager international shadow puppet players and demonstrate his skill in France. Three years later, Disney invited the Tangshan Theatre to the United States to install a show at their destination resort, Disney World in Florida. That same year, the theater took part in the eighth World Theatrical Festival in Monaco and the seventh International Puppet Festival in France.

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Video 9/15/2011: Tangshan Shadow Puppet Theatre

The company will perform classics of Chinese puppetry, including The Crane and the Tortoise, A Clever Monkey, Monkey King Battles the White-Boned Demon, and Borrowing a Treasure from the Dragon PalacePart of CHINA: The Art of a Nation.

Tangshan Shadow Puppet Theatre