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Salut Salon


Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2000 by Angelika Bachmann and Iris Siegfried, Salut Salon has taken the art of crossover to chamber music in a virtuoso manner and added to the brilliantly developed mix of classic, pop, chanson, and folk, an absolutely unique stage performance: musical perfection with magical charm.

Like so many successful music quartets, Salut Salon started as a duet, two constant companions; a perfect team of two women who have known each other since childhood, and who have grown together artistically.

Together, Angelika and Iris broke their strings in the school orchestra, founded a flat-share while they were at university, and travelled the world, a tour they financed by busking wherever they went. After their return to their native Eppendorf, a neighborhood in central Hamburg, Iris and Angelika established their legendary “jour fixe,” in keeping with the tradition of art-lovers at the turn of the last century, who paid homage to the literary and musical muses by meeting for recitals and performances in each other’s houses.

The duo would not last long, however. The favorite piece of the very first quartet (Angelika Bachmann, Iris Siegfried, Ameli Winkler, and Simone Bachmann) – Edward Elgar’s “Salut d’amour” – was the inspiration for the name “Salut Salon.”

Their classical competence does not come from nowhere. Alongside Ms. Bachmann and Ms. Siegfried, the quartet is completed by alternating line-ups: Sonja Lena Schmid, Frederike Dany, or Anne-Christin Schwarz on cello, and Anne von Twardowski, Jennifer Rüth, or Valeria Stab on piano, all of whom are classically trained musicians with their own careers in the international concert business.

The exquisite ensemble juggles masterfully with Bach and Ray Charles, Mozart and Piazzola, Brahms and the “Pink Panther;” transforms the concert podium, now into a varieté stage, now into a puppet theater; while proving time and again, that music that moves people needs no genre-labeling.

As a sideline, Angelika Bachmann and Iris Siegfried also lead the Cool Strings, a children’s and youth orchestra, which they founded in 1996, and were subsequently awarded the Inventio 2004 prize as the most innovative music projects in Germany by the German President Johannes Rau. In addition, Bachmann and Siegfried have worked with Rau at the music school of Achupallas, the poverty-stricken quarter of the Chilean city Vina del Mar.

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Video 9/2/2011: Salut Salon

The classically trained quartet from Hamburg has taken the art of crossover to chamber music with a brilliant mix of classic, pop, chanson, and folk. Presented in cooperation with the Embassy of Germany.

Salut Salon