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School Without Walls Stage Band


The formation of the School Without Walls Stage Band, the school’s first instrumental ensemble of its kind, marks a new stepping stone in the pursuit of a better education. Along with being well-rounded in rigorous academic subjects, students in the SWW Stage Band also have the opportunity to learn what it is like to play in a band, which may become a career option further down the line. Under the instruction of Christopher O. J. Alberts, the SWW Stage Band works to learn about all the aspects of creating music with other people. From expanding their knowledge of musical theory to becoming better sight readers, to practicing the art of original composition— the players in the SWW Stage Band attain the skills necessary to perhaps become professional musicians.

Since its inception, the SWW Stage band has become a staple of the Washington, D.C. area. They have performed at venues and events throughout the city, ranging from the D.C. Metro Police-sponsored Bands in the Neighborhood programs, to events for the Washington Teachers Union, George Washington University, and the Mayor. Most recently, the band completed a nine-day tour of China. The band has been invited to participate in World Strides Heritage Festival of Gold, a performance series that features outstanding band, orchestra, and choral groups from around the country.
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