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Ed Nef is the President of Santis Productions and a documentary film producer/director. After 25 years in government as a foreign service officer and a senate aide, Mr. Nef started language schools in the D.C. area and eventually in Japan, Mongolia and Vietnam.  His experience in Vietnam inspired him to produce his first documentary, on the reconciliation between the United States and Vietnam.  This was broadcast worldwide and many times nationally in Vietnam. A second documentary reported on the unique sport of elephant polo, designed to raise funds for the treatment and care of elephants in Thailand.  But he was always drawn back to Mongolia, a country he grew to admire greatly. So when Mongolia suddenly emerged from centuries of a rural, nomadic lifestyle to become one of the richest countries in East Asia, as a result of its phenomenal mineral wealth, he thought it would be interesting to produce a film about the impact of the mining industry upon those traditional lifestyles.

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Video 3/2/2012: Mongolia!

The musical score for the 2011 film Mongolia – Mining Challenges a Civilization provides the music for a dance troupe, ballad and throat singers, and a contortionist.

Santis Productions