The Kennedy Center

Evan Young


Born in Alaska, and raised in Columbia, Missouri, Evan Young began juggling at the age of 14. After four years of driving his teachers crazy by being the class clown, he enrolled in Circomedia International Circus School in Bristol, England. Mr. Young put his international training to use on the streets of Boulder, Colorado, entertaining live crowds. He considers his real alma matter to be the streets, and it remains one of his favorite performance venues.

Mr. Young loves his job for all the right reasons: the joy of pleasing people and making their day more fun, travel, off-beat schedule, lots of attention, and the chance to show off otherwise useless skills.

Watch Past Performances

Video 5/7/2012: STREET TO STAGE: Swami Yomahmi, Matt Pauli, Karen Beriss, Evan Young

Swami Yomahmi, the Original Sideshow Geek, presents his unique combination of dangerous acts and physical comedy, while actor and comedian Matt Pauli will do some plate spinning, cigar box juggling, balancing, and even some banjo ukulele playing. Magician and comedian Karen Beriss will appear, as well as talented juggler Evan Young. Part of Look Both Ways: Street Arts Across America.

Evan Young