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Jessica Louise Dye is a product of the great American Southwest. A child of the valley of the sun now living in Washington, D.C., she pulls inspiration from scorching heat waves, summer drought, and breathtaking sunsets. Influences of her desert upbringing can be heard through repetitive rhythms on diverse instruments, such as rain sticks, rattles, and trumpets. However, Ms. Dye was not always destined to be a musician. After being honorably discharged from the Air Force, and finding herself temporarily homeless, Ms. Dye sought the creative process of music as a distraction that would become her salvation.

Ms. Dye purchased her first guitar in the fall of 2009. With her newly created arsenal of woeful ballads, she quickly gathered an audience captivated by her breathy, folky indie rock. In the winter of 2010, Ms. Dye was laid off from her job and decided to pursuing music full time. Joined by musical partner Erik Sleight in the spring of 2010, she immersed herself in the Washington, D.C., New York, Baltimore, and Richmond music scenes.  

Thus began Lightfoot, a sextet that offers a warm, rich tone to melancholy songs about heartbeats and heartbreaks. After packing shows in the local circuit, Lightfoot has traveled up and down the East Coast and throughout Europe.  Lightfoot has played such festivals as CMJ in NYC, SXSW in Austin, Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany, and BIMA Fest of Baltimore.

In January 2012, Ms. Dye, joined by bandmates Erik Sleight, Ron Storhaug, Adam Orlando, Rick Irby, and Eddie Rivers, self-released their debut EP, Scarlet Sails.

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Video 4/5/2012: Lightfoot

The DC band, fronted by tour de force Jessica Louise Dye, mixes clever songwriting and instrumentation with pop, folk, and rock melodies.