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The first of its kind, Thailand’s VieTrio is a classical/pop crossover band consisting of siblings Paye Srinarong (violin, composer, arranger, producer), Parn Srinarong (cello, singer), and Pui Srinarong (violin). Their mission is to bridge the gap between classical music and other popular genres perceived unfairly by the media and general public. Acknowledging that all music is connected, VieTrio present a mixture of classical, pop, rock, dance, house, rap, and fusion Thai traditional, with and without vocals, original or rearranged. Signed and managed by X’Act Co. Ltd., GMM Grammy, and Phuphon Coorperation, VieTrio is the only band in Thailand that is active in all aspects of music, performing substantial classical to pop and rock concerts, possessing the versatility most bands do not have and changing the face of the music business.

Their first album, Miracle, with Paye as a composer, arranger, and co-producer under the concept “song without words,” went to the top of the sales charts nationwide for eight straight weeks. The song “Man in the Rain,” feat. Ruj the Star, went to the top of various radio charts across the country for months. VieTrio’s music videos are shown across Asia on MTV, Channel V, and others.  After a successful debut, Paye went on to co-produce VieTrio’s twenty-song, second album VieTrio Love Birds in 2009. Their third album, VieTrio & Friends, features various collaborations with other well-known Thai vocalists, making the music more mainstream to general audience.

Over the past 3 years, VieTrio has performed at major venues in Thailand and aboard, including concerts in Qatar (2011 Qatar Open Tennis Tournament), Laos, Singapore, and China (2010 World Expo in Shanghai). In 2008 they were chosen to represent the Nissan Tiida (Versa) car; they were the first musicians to do so, and they also advertised for Colgate in May 2009. They have been featured on TV, radio and magazines at home and beyond.

After a successful launch of their first album Miracle, VieTrio succesfully performed their first full-scale sellout concert entitled VieTrio Live in Concert 2008 at Muangthai Rachadalai Theatre in Bangkok on October 10, 2008, followed by the release of VieTrio Live in Concert 2008 DVD and VCD in November 2008.

The Srinarong family published their first autobiography, To Be VieTrio, in October, 2008, to rave reviews. The book contains stories of each of the five members of the Srinarong family, parental perspectives, views on music, life, and what is to eventually become VieTrio.  Other chapters also feature simple yet informative takes on classical music, its history, composers’ biographies, theories, and information on music institutions and classical ensembles in the country and beyond.

Recognizing the importance of decent music education, VieTrio launched the Viemus Music School in 2009, an institution focusing on training young musicians and enhancing the general public’s lifestyle by introducing new ways to enjoy music. Viemus currently educates over 150 young musicians who perform regularly (

VieTrio's music is available on iTunes.

Watch Past Performances

Video 5/13/2012: VieTrio / Entomo

Thai string trio VieTrio performs, as well as dancers Elías Aguirre and Álvaro Esteban with their modern dance piece Entomo, which examines animal and insect movement. VieTrio is presented in cooperation with the Embassy of Thailand. Entomo is presented in cooperation with the Embassy of Spain.