István Papp, known as “Gázsa,” is one of the best-known dance house musicians in Hungary today. Originally from Transylvania, István acquired the nickname “Gázsa” during his trips to collect folk music, when he would introduce himself as the “grandson of Gázsa Sándor.” The surname Gázsa derives from the Romani word gádzsó, meaning stranger and referring to non-Roma people; his grandfather was originally given the name by the Roma musicians of Magyarszovát with whom he often played.

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Video 6/30/2013: Heveder Hungarian Folk Ensemble / Gázsa / Zoltán & Réka Juhász

The folk ensemble, which plays Hungarian, Romanian, and Roma folk music, performs with dance house musician Gázsa as well as Moldavian flute player Zoltán Juhász and his daughter, singer and gardon player Réka Juhász. Part of the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.