Zoltán & Réka Juhász


In 1976, Zoltán met his first masters, Moldavian flutists Csobán György and Gusa Pál. Since then, his collection has expanded to include hundreds of hours of folk music recordings. He plays with the band Egyszólam (Monophonic), but he also collaborates on performances by and publications of other renowned folk music ensembles. His flute playing has been enjoyed by audiences in London’s Royal Festival Hall, Lincoln Center in New York, and the concert hall of Bosphorus University in Istanbul, among many other venues. Réka Juhász was born in Budapest in 1983. Since childhood, she has been surrounded by master culture-bearers, and she feels right at home in the dance house movement, thanks to her father, Zoltán Juhász, a folk musician and ethnomusicologist. In addition to singing, she also plays gardon, an ancient percussive instrument similar to the cello. She is most interested in the ways folk songs and traditional singing affect people today, making their lives more beautiful and complete. Along with performing on stage, Réka also leads group sessions and teaches music at summer camps, because audience involvement in singing is important to her. She collects folks songs and folk music in Hungary and Transylvania. In 2009, Réka was honored with the title of Junior Master of Folk Art. Her first solo album is “Dreams of the Righteous.”

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Video 6/30/2013: Heveder Hungarian Folk Ensemble / Gázsa / Zoltán & Réka Juhász

The folk ensemble, which plays Hungarian, Romanian, and Roma folk music, performs with dance house musician Gázsa as well as Moldavian flute player Zoltán Juhász and his daughter, singer and gardon player Réka Juhász. Part of the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

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