A Celebration of Cuban Folk Dance (Cuba) Presented in Global Movement: The World of Deaf Dance ANSOC dancers present traditional dance and rhythms in an exciting performance that shows the heart and soul of the Cuban people. Combining Cuban folklore and Afro-Haitian traditions, ANSOC presents the dances and songs of Ibo, Nago, Haitian Merengue, Bodu, Anglófona, Panima, Lingo Dances, Raice and Pice. Their performance presents the roots of Cuban folklore, art and religion. Even though the form is regional the message is universal. The National Association of Deaf People of Cuba (ANSOC) is a non-profit, non-governmental, organization founded in l978 in Havana, Cuba. ANSOC’s main goal is to organize and unify the Deaf, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind people of Cuba and to support their social, cultural and recreational activities. ANSOC formed a folk dance group in 1993. Since then they have toured the length and breadth of their island nation performing at regional and national arts festivals and celebrations. They have received the highest honors from the Cuban Ministry of Culture. Their repertoire includes works that range from traditional to modern but which spring from Cuban folklore and Afro-Haitian traditions.

Watch Past Performances

Video 7/13/2002: DEAF WAY II

Dance Night features some of the world’s most talented deaf dancers and choreographers – My Dream from China, ANSOC from Cuba, and the multi-national, Pentimento.

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