Lizza Bogado


LIZZA BOGADO is considered one of the most outstanding Paraguayan folk singer. She started her artistic career in 1981 winning the most prestigious award in Ypakarai (Paraguay). Since that date LIZZA BOGADO recorded 7 CDs and has been invited to sing in teathers, stadiums and TV’s programs in Europe, USA and Latin America. She represented her country in the OTI Festival in Spain (1985) and a folk festival in Quito where she was acclaimed as the most brilliant singer.

LIZZA had the opportunity to sing with other famous singers such as Jairo, Jose Luis Rodriguez and the Spanish’s Group Mocedades. She sings in Spanish, Guarani, Portuguese, English and French and her repertoire include traditional Latin American songs.

Russia, Spain, Swede, Italy, Argentina, China, Chile and other countries all over the world recognize LIZZA BOGADO’s talent as one of the most brilliant Latin America’s voice. In 2001 she celebrated 20 years as a singer with a memorable concert in the biggest teather in Asuncion and releasing her new album called “Gracias” where she included Paraguayan and Latin American songs besides her own songs.

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