Billy B.


Billy B. blends zany humor with solid science for a captivating and unforgettable exploration of the environment. As a veteran performer who has chalked up successful appearances in over forty states, Billy B's original repertoire of incredible, energetic music and dance make his performances as naturally wonderful as the world around us. From antsy four-year-olds to ultra-cool junior high school kids, Billy B. has the energy, experience, and charisma to keep everyone's attention riveted. His simple, catchy lyrics and dynamic movements create clear images that children can remember and repeat on their own. And by making important concepts like photosynthesis come alive, Billy B. plants seeds in a child's mind that can blossom into a lifetime of appreciation for the wonders of nature. He involves children in such a fun way that they don't even realize that they are learning scientific facts!

In a show for the entire family, Billy B. blends wacky humor with all original music and solid science facts for a zany and unforgettable exploration of our planet.

Watch Past Performances

Video 5/31/2000: Billy B. and Billy B's "The Rainforest Chorus"

Billy B blends wacky humor with original music and solid science facts in his show, "The Rainforest Chorus."

Video 8/15/1999: Billy B.

Billy B. teaches children about the environment through fun and humorous songs.

Billy B.