The Kennedy Center

Teatro Marie de Jongh


Laida and Martin, a happy couple awaiting the birth of their baby, imagine what life will be like once their daughter arrives. But grumpy Tomas, Laida’s father, isn’t excited at all – in fact, he’s usually cranky and complaining. When it turns out the baby won’t be arriving after all, can Tomas help the devastated Laida and Martin to be happy again? This performance is part of Kids Euro Festival: a celebration of European arts and culture for children, featuring artists from the 28 Member States of the European Union.

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Video 10/19/2013: Target Family Night: Teatro Marie de Jongh: Beloved Daughter (Spain)

Follow the story of Laida and Martin, who are excitedly expecting the birth of their baby. When things don’t work out, will Laida’s grumpy father help the couple recover? Part of Kids Euro Festival 2013.

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